Ubiquity Design Studio was created in 2010 by Tim Spencer, an industrial designer-maker whose chosen style and ethos is based on simplicity and elegance via sustainability and resilience.

Having worked for many years as a Paediatric Nurse, Tim recognised a creative calling to design, returned to study and graduated with a First Class Hons Degree in Product Design. His aspiration was to become a designer-maker through the industrial process and Ubiquity Design Studio was opened months later, with a core design value to adopt British manufacturing, using indigenous materials where ever possible. Fittingly, although this market is not the sole focus of the studio, the launch range is for children.


Ubiquity Design Studio's launch range is Knelt™, an innovation in contemporary children's furniture. Knelt™ is a kneeling stool and desk for children that naturally encourage a neutral posture, which has been found to be crucial during the early years of spinal development and is designed for 3-10 year olds. The design allows it to naturally adapt to your child's growth, so they can continue to find their optimum position whilst maintaining a healthy, neutral spinal posture.

With conventional seating and desks, children tend to "hunch" up when using them, putting considerable strain on their neck, shoulders, upper and lower spine.

Knelt™ demonstrates how these risks can be significantly avoided, reducing muscle & joint fatigue, resulting in better concentration and enjoyment.
Knelt™ offers a continuity of uses, from writing, drawing and colouring, reading and homework, using a laptop, netbook and iPad, playing games consoles and watching TV. As children come to understand what a comfortable posture feels like, it can become habit forming, potentially for life.

Knelt™ is beautifully constructed in veneered moulded ply that comes in a choice of three veneers: Birch, Oak and American Walnut and will be batch produced. The construction, use of materials and their protection with Hard Wax Oil (that enables the purchaser to easily reapply to maintain) mean Knelt™ adopts a "wearing in, not wearing out" approach to the design. Each stool & desk includes a pad and clips to provide a non-slip, pleasant writing surface and protects the veneer from over-enthusiastic creativity.

The origins of Knelt™ evolved as a student working in collaboration with a brief from Utility, a Liverpool based contemporary design store:- Recognising children's furniture as an increasingly important market, child designer products introduce them to the world of design. The product should be tactile and appealing but safe & durable to use and cost is important as children may outgrow certain pieces, giving them limited time with the design. This issue can be adapted to furniture that the child can grow with, therefore increasing its usage with age.

The result is Knelt™.

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